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Don't miss this opportunity to order or download Quill Mastercraft's four exceptional books. These writings will continue to be available only until the end of 2006. See the ordering information below for special pricing and request your copies today!

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Essentials of Successful Magick:
The Truth Revealed

Quill Mastercraft

Foreword by Lon Milo DuQuette!

ISBN 0-9758528-3-3
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In what may be Quill Mastercraft’s most important work, the truth about successful magick is finally revealed. It isn’t simple, and it isn’t easy, but serious students of the magickal arts will find in these pages a means to create change in their lives and nurture their wills in ways others might never understand.

Highlighting the need to bring the combination of mind, spirit and body to bear in any magickal operation, Quill wastes no words in presenting practical information readers can use to achieve optimum success.

Unlike many books about magick currently lining store bookshelves, Essentials of Successful Magick does not rely on gimmicks or fictional characters. The facts are plainly stated, so those who venture down the path of magick can employ them to improve their lives.

The Companion Volume to Out of His Time...
Quill’s Own Story and Writings...

Embrace the Lightning: The Life and Insight of a Rogue Mage

ISBN 0-9758528-2-5
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Not willing to let others tell the story of her life, or interpret her spiritual philosophies inaccurately, Quill Mastercraft has recorded both the factual details of her years on the physical plane in her final work, as well as revealing many deep insights into the magickal realms. The majority of Quill’s writings, from the publications she spearheaded - Goat and Candle and Philosophiae Magickae - and those to which she regularly contributed fill out the volume, allowing readers to discover a spiritual path so intensely beautiful it defies description in human terms.

Viewed as a "rogue mage" by many, since her ideas about magick do not conform to the standard concepts put forth by organized groups and writers who have sculpted their ideas to meet the demands of commercial publishers, Quill’s tale will reveal how being true to oneself is the only way to find peace, balance and a real connection to the magickal energies.

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Fulfillment of Being: Nurturing the True Self
Quill Mastercraft

ISBN 0-9758528-1-7
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This controversial book will rattle the status quo of religious practice to its very core. Beginning with definitions which clarify the difference between faith and religion, the text moves into an honest, unbiased study of the various religions which have colored the history of humanity, and how these organizations were corrupted over time. Mainstream clergy will find this text a threat, because it calls for individuals to think for themselves, leaving behind belief systems imposed on the masses by representatives of modern religious hierarchies.

Readers are offered the opportunity to nurture a personal faith and spirituality in these pages. Quill blends ideas from both Western and Eastern philosophies, decades of practical experience and insight, and concrete reasoning to urge those who feel trapped by dogma to embark on the ultimate spiritual quest. The simple concept of gaining an understanding of life perspectives, personal potential and balance will allow readers to transform their lives, and their worlds, so to fulfill their true purpose on the physical plane of existence.

Opening this volume will open many doors for readers, but merely reading the text will not create the changes necessary to transform one’s life. Quill does not offer a quick, easy fix to ordinary problems, but provides signposts for a life-long quest toward absolute fulfillment of being.

Included in this volume as an Appendix is the enlightening treatise The Three Rights of Spiritual Seekers, which forthrightly presents the ultimate method whereby readers can make their lives all they were meant to be.

Out Of His Time:
The Spiritual Struggle and Magickal Writings of a Modern Mage

Compiled, with Biography and Commentary by
Quill Mastercraft

ISBN 0-9758528-0-9

Price: $14.99 (incl. shipping) - ORDER ON SALE for $3.50 NOW!

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With the death of Grant E. Pontius (Frater S.P.R.V.) on March 4, 2004, Quill Mastercraft felt compelled to compile his many writings from the publication Goat and Candle and excerpts from e-mails and letters, so they could reach a wider readership of Pagans and magickal practitioners. She added a frank biography of this man, who died too early - at age 34 - and was her magickal teacher, intimate friend and editor. Quill’s commentary highlights Grant’s spiritual focus and endeavors in the context of his writings, as well.

Just a brief list of writings included in the book:

Plus numerous photos, with cover art by Dennis Anderson!

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